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A Lūau
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A Tiki Party paradise. More Lūau. More fun!

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The Big Kahuna Lūau

The most memorable experience of your Florida vacation.

Experience an authentic Lūau in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as you embrace the distinct culture and spirit of Florida’s famous night-life and hospitality combined with South Pacific and Caribbean flavors. We offer an unforgettable evening of lively entertainment, a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet and an award-winning tropical show as you embark on a musical and cultural voyage through the Pacific and Caribbean islands. The Big Kahuna Lūau provides the best Lūau entertainment the world has to offer – hosted by award-winning professional musicians and dancers.

Experience the Pacific & Caribbean Islands in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Tropical Paradise Under the Stars

A Welcome Mojito & Lei Greeting

When you arrive at our exuberant Lūau, we will greet you with the sound of trumpeting Tahitian conch shells, exotic Hawaiian leis and a handcrafted, screaming passion fruit South Pacific Tiki Mai Tai or a signature Cuban Mojito. We’ll make sure to get you ready to participate in our fun activities. What a party! Enjoy the savory smell coming from the Big Kahuna Kālua Pig cooked in an underground oven used to roast the pork to perfection.

Our Lūau is a hidden gem, built on a plantation style site in a dream destination at the heart of Fort Lauderdale. It truly is a tropical paradise. The Big Kahuna Lūau is located in a beautiful, meticulously kept garden with the lush tropical vegetation and incredible sunsets as the backdrop of the show. This historical plantation was a coconut palm grove and we have restored it to its original glamour to showcase the beauty of the islands.

Tiki Party Activities

Satisfy your Cultural and Party desires.

The Big Kahuna Lūau features the magnificent characteristics of the South Pacific and Caribbean islands. Our impressive tiki huts are a popular hangout among our guests to immerse oneself in an entertaining island experience. This will be the most enjoyable part of your Florida vacation, as you share an authentic Tiki Party Lūau with your friends and family. Join us as you discover the islands’ distinct cultures by engaging and participating in lei making, coconut leaf weaving, ancient Polynesian tattoos, maracas, merengue lessons, and Jamaican limbo. This is the BEST Lūau experience.

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Big Kahuna Tiki Bars

The World’s Largest Tiki Bar

We’re Fully Loaded

We offer the perfect Miami party experience, with everything from handcrafted, signature cocktails to authentic, exotic Mojitos and Tiki Mai Tais. Our Tiki Bar is the largest in the world, with an enormous selection of rum and tropical drinks. Whether you are sipping on our signature Screaming Tiki Mai Tais or enjoy an exquisite Cuban Mojito, you will find something that you will love at our Big Kahuna Tiki Bar. 

Hawaiian Style Kālua Pig Ceremony

Delicious Underground Roasted pig

The Hawaiian Kālua Pig is cooked in an underground oven to perfection.  Enjoy the delicious smell from the Big Kahuna Imu Pit as you discover new flavors, take gorgeous photos and build unforgettable memories with friends and family. 

The World’s Best Culinary Experience 

Southern Florida Regional Cuisine – The Flavor of the Islands

Savor southern Florida regional cuisine as our internationally acclaimed and renown chef, Nano Perez, incorporates the tastes of the Caribbean and Polynesian Islands at our Lūau buffet extravaganza. Chef Perez offers the best selection of island favorites with Hawaiian Mahi Mahi Fish, Cuban frijoles negros, Puerto Rican arroz con guandules, Dominican mangú, Jamaican jerk chicken and Haitian riz collé aux pois. 


Lūau & Show

Showcasing World-Class Entertainment

Get your cameras ready!

You will capture stunning photos and videos like never before. Our award-winning show, with resonating and syncopated drum beats, presents the dances of Polynesian and Caribbean Islands. Witness the ancient and romantic legends of the South Pacific and Caribbean blended with a wide range of dances and rhythms, including Hula from Hawaii, Cha-Cha-Chá and Mambo from Cuba, Reggae from Jamaica, Salsa from Puerto Rico, Merengue and Bachata from Dominican Republic, Tamure from Tahiti, and world famous fire knife dances of Samoa. The Big Kahuna Luau & Show honors and highlights the Caribbean and Polynesian culture, heritage, music and dance, while paying a special tribute to Hollywood’s influence on island music during the Golden Age. 

Fun for Friends and Family

Create Unforgettable Memories

The Big Kahuna Lūau is an event that should be on your itinerary if you plan on coming to Southern Florida for your vacation. Taking place on a coconut grove plantation, the Big Kahuna Lūau provides you with an amazing, fun and diverse setting. You will become a part of the traditional Lūau experience as you take in the beauty of this magical and tropical garden. This is your opportunity to witness traditional Caribbean & Polynesian culture through premier entertainment, fun activities, exquisite food, exciting dance and more. This is the perfect place for you to make wonderful memories with friends and family during your Southern Florida vacation.

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The Big Kahuna Lūau Schedule

Let the Lūau Begin

6:00 PM: Lei Greeting, Welcoming Drinks, Music, Arts and Crafts, Open Bar
6:45 PM: Kālua Pig Underground Oven Unearthing
7:00 PM: All-You-Can-Eat Big Kahuna Lūau Extravaganza Buffet
7:45 PM: Tropical Pāreu Demonstration and Fashion Show
8:00 PM: Big Kahuna Lūau Show

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The Coconut Lounge

Cut loose and have fun at our Afterparty Lounge.

Keep the excitement flowing all night with an epic afterparty experience after the Big Kahuna Lūau Show. We have an exclusive, trendy venue, right at the heart of Fort Lauderdale, with private bars, open lounges, and music including Reggeaton, Salsa, Hip Hop, Trap, and R&B. With the best selection of exotic tropical drinks from our Tiki Bars, you’ll have a memorable night. 

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