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Big Kahuna Luau is designed as an exotic paradise themed with tiki statues, waterfalls and exotic plants to transport guests to a tropical paradise.
The impressive large huts surrounding the luau grounds gives the location a Polynesian and Caribbean pre-European contact with the islanders.

The lively musician set the festive mood as you explore the ground and enjoy the large variety of exotic tiki drinks at our tiki bars.
You will enjoy making flowers lei, learning to play maracas, ukulele or dancing cha-cha and hula.You can also get a temporary Polynesian tattoo.
As the sunset nears  you will witness the showers of flowers and  sun farewell tiki torches lighting ceremony with Tahitian chanting fallow by the underground emu oven pork tasting.

Arrival & Welcome

Tahitian Drum & Hawaiian Conch Shell

You will receive a royal welcome to our exuberant location with the sounds of Tahitian drums and Hawaiian conch shells.

Lei Greeting

You will be greeted with a fresh flower or a caribbean shell lei (necklace).

Mai Tai Cocktail Welcome

Enjoy a welcome handcrafted screaming passion fruit mai tai or signature mojito to get you ready to participate in fun cultural activities.


Savor the flavors of  a delicious appetizer to start your evening.

  You will be greeted with Hawaiian leis, signature drinks and delicious appetizers.

Create traditional tattoos that express your personality and creativity.

String exotic flowers into a beautiful lei.

Weave coconut palm leaves into a beautiful hat or head band.

Learn how to play ukulele with our award-winning local musicians.

Hula or Salsa with our professional dancers.

Sunset Ceremony & Chanting

Coconut Tree Climbing & Shower of Flowers

Be amazed by the speed of our coconut tree climbers as they climb 40-foot cocnut trees in the bare feet to perform the Shower of Flowers ceremony. 

Tiki Torch Lighting & Chanting

Enjoy the Tahitian chanting, celebrating and giving thanks for the end of the day before all the call of a conch shell to begin the Tiki torches lighting ceremony.

Underground Imu Oven & Pork Tasting

Enjoy the smell coming from the imu as you discover new taste with friends and family, take great photos and videos and you built unforgettable moments

Don't Worry. We have Mojitos!

Explore the wide range of exotic tropical drinks and handcrafted cocktails. Weather, you are sipping on our signature Screaming Mai Tai or enjoying a Tiki Mojito, you will find something  you love at the Big Kahuna Tiki Bar.

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