Tips on Creating the Perfect Luau:

Everything you need to know from the right flowers to the best Exotic Tiki Cocktails

How to Host the Perfect Luau.

Tips on Creating the Perfect Luau, everything you need to know form from flowers Leis to Exotic tiki Cocktails

Luau Parties are fun and like by people of all ages.  A well plan and tiki themed luau will be in the memories of your guest for many years.  Every one loves a luau party!!

There are so many easy ways to set the mood—from the tiki island décor, to the food, the music and of course the  tiki tropical drinks.
Hawaiian or Caribbean island Luau Décor

The decor and them is very important to create the ambience.  The decoration could be Polynesian/ Hawaiian or Caribbean they are basically have the same theme.  Is all about real flowers and  bamboo. Tropical/island themed fabric (I prefer swatches. tropical scented candles, large tropical leaves like monstera  orchids. Colorful plates. Turn off bright outdoor lights and use tiki torches, paper lanterns, string lights or small bon fires and candles to create a relaxing ambience.

Greet Guests with Hawaiian Leis.

Many of the islands wears floral leis to welcome guest or to celebrate birthdays or graduation. You can make the leis in advance and greet each guest with a warm and special lei greeting  welcome. Or set up a “lei-making station” and have your guest make the.  Leis can be made of flowers, shells, feathers, leaves, seeds and nuts.

How to Make A Lei in 5 Easy Steps.

Leis are very easy to make.

You will need the falling materials: Stem of full blooming flowers, scissors, a long needle, and mono filament fishing string.

Step 1.

Cut the mono-filament or fishing string to the length you want your lei to be, adding a few inches so that you can tie the ends off .

Step 2.

Thread the needle with the cut fishing string. Tie a knot at the end of the fishing string  to establish a “stopper” at the starting point of your lei.

Step 3.

Insert the needle through the base of the flower  bloom and gently pull it along the fishing string to the starter knot.

Step 4.

Repeat the process for all the blooms facing he same direction until the fishing string is full of the blooms.

Step 5.

When the lei reaches the desired length, tie off the ends of the fishing line in a knot and snip off the excess fishing string.

What should I wear?

A luau isn’t a luau without the famous aloha shirt. You should wear a floral Hawaiian shirt or a Tommy Bahama Shirt to get into the tropical island spirit.  Hawaiian or Aloha shirts with khaki slacks or shorts are considered to be more resort dress wear. Women can wear short or long dresses with flower print or sarongs with a flower tucked behind your ear – right if you’re single, left if you’re taken. You can wear comfortable shoes or flip flops.

Music & Fun Games

To keep everyone entertained, try adding some serious fun into the mix fun activities such as :


Line everyone up and see who can go the longest or do the most hoops in a timed contest.


By using a broom or any long stick, have two people on opposite ends hold the stick up at various heights, starting from high and ending with low. Play your favorite tropical music while participants try their luck to see who can go lowest. 


Great island music is very important to keep your guests moving, festive and happy.   You can hire live entertainment and professional Hula or Cuban dancers. Take it down a notch with Spotify or YouTube to play Hawaiian or Caribbean islands melodies played on the ukulele.

Here are a few traditional songs that we recommend for your luau party.

Hawaiian popular music for luau party: 

• Don Ho
• The Brothers Cazimero
• Kalapana
• Makaha Sons
• Jerry Santos
• Kaʻau Crater Boys
• Aunty Genoa
• Bryan Tolentino
• Don Baduria

Caribbean popular music for luau party:

• Celia Cruz
• Los Van Van
• Slinger Francisco aka Mighty Sparrow
• Bob Marley

Luau Food

Traditional Hawaiian Luau food

You can create your own menu for items you like to eat. Hawaiian luaus usually include a buffet style dinner with lomi lomi salmon, chicken, salads, seafood, long rice, taro and pork.

Caribbean Luau Food

The Caribbean luau usually includes, black beans, plantain, yuca and arroz con pollo, Cuban style Pork and lots of fruits.

Tiki Bar, Cocktails & Refreshments

You can hire a bar tender to create fancy tiki cocktails  You you can make your own  such as:

  • Mai tai
  • Mojitos
  • Pina Colada
  • Blue Hawaii
  • Lava flow


You can buy some great tiki glasses or serve the cocktails on pineapple, coconut or even a watermelon. Make sure you have rum and cocktails mixers and don’t forget the drinks umbrella.

Come visit Florida and have fun at the Big Kahuna Luau.

Florida tropical weather, vegetation and the best beaches in the world is the best place to celebrate a luau. Big Kahuna Luau, had daily luau servicing Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Hollywoo, Miami and South  Beach.

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